At the train station of Brisbane International Airport heading to Singapore (09.04.2013).

As annunciated yesterday this blog has reached its limits. I also liked to have a content-related cut from the time on I left Australia. Thanks to the constant delays of my posts this did not work as smooth as I wished so you could already read some stories about my adventures in Asia. Finally this is a positive aspect because I intend to keep both blogs as closely related as possible. Why? They are dealing with exactly the same thing: my travel experiences! I hope you will subscribe to my sequel blog, too! The web address is not very different from this site :


I already hear the naggers complain: “Lame, this is the most uncreative name you could come up with. The title is not appropriate anymore: Singapore and Thailand are not Down Under”, etc., etc. For me it has highest priority that I can guide my followers seamless from this blog to my new one. I don`t want them to be annoyed with a name less catchy and  harder to remember. In consequence I just added the number “2” – simple but effective! 😉 Even very mentally deficient guys might imagine that the new blog is a continuation of an older one missing the “2”. If not – nobody gets harmed, anyway.

Thanks guys for reading  and maybe liking my stories so far. I hope you join me on my new blog where I will try to entertain you with real life reports again. 😉

Take care and don`t hesitate to go an a journey with unknown end if you are given the possibility for it. “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”.