Aloha guys, I am so sorry that I could not keep you informed but I decided to explore Singapore extensively instead of staying inside for days to edit photos and writing on this blog. It does not mean that you don`t get  my new photos and stories at all. There is just an unknown delay to expect. Tomorrow I leave Singapore in direction to Bangkok, three days later I fly to Chiang Mai where I will try to attend a massage course.

To give you a slight idea how exciting Singapore feels have a look at the pictures which are just a tiny split of what I have photographed so far. For an architect with a fable for photography this city is a treasury.

I will love to tell you and share everything I experience with you (right after the stories about my last days in Australia) as soon as possible! Maybe I have to find a gap in the space-time continuum and work there on my blog posts so I don`t lose a second  in real-time. 😀

Happy greetings from hot and humid Singapore