This will be my last post before I leave Australia. I had a nice last evening with my house mates plus Max and Leigh-Chantelle. I cooked Lasagne for all of us (definitely not the best one but at least it was edible 😉 ) and presented a few photos to Teagan, Daniel and James. wall collageI had printed them at Kmart earlier that day. I blu-tacked some of the pictures at the collage wall I had started months ago on one of our living room walls. My further contribution to a more individual, cosy living room was a 75cm x 50cm poster of the Brisbane Skyline at daylight, viewed from the top of the Kangaroo Point cliffs. Yesterday I did my last DIY project by building a frame for the panorama picture Daniel had payed for and which hang already “naked” on the wall for weeks. Because the hardware store a stone throw away wasn`t open on Sunday I had to improvise a lot but it turned out satisfactory. The frame is features a 5mm gap to allow a glass to sit in front of the picture. For the moment we just mounted it without glass but it already looks heaps better.

P1090932All my belongings are wrapped or packed, my room is vacuum cleaned. I will leave two boxes with personal stuff behind as well as my bike to fetch it when I return to Brisbane in July 2013. I will miss my housemates who were the cause that I felt comfortable in the house which I considered to call my  home although its many shortcomings. I never thought that I would be able to harmonically live with a bunch of other guys in a share house lacking in the level of privacy I reckoned to need. I expected more discussion and trouble. Instead they all became my friends, did a lot of social activities with them. I liked to have them around me and found each of them inspiring in his/her own way. My tourist visa requires that I leave the country at the latest after a maximum stay of six months so farewell is a necessity. I still want to provide you with some stories and photos of my last day in Brisbane. Singapore will probably not leave much time for photo editing and blog writing but I promise to try hard to keep you informed.

I am ready for new adventures and full of pleasant anticipation…Singapore here I come!

A successful day for all of you –