It is 2:00am and I am working night shift for you, preselecting and editing photos.

On Sunday, 31st of March, Teagan and I got up at 4:00am in the morning, packed our camera equipment and left home at 4:30am. Teagan, lacking in a bicycle used James’ which was a bit too big for her. After 30 minutes riding through the dark night along the Bicentennial Bikeway we arrived at the chosen destination for sunrise spotting – Wilson Outlook Reserve in New Farm eastern of the Story Bridge. It was a chilly morning but i felt warm due to the extensive cycling before. We mounted the tripod and began our routine with night photography instead of holding out for the sun. The sunrise started already at about 5:30am . I am used to go out for photography sessions by my own and normally prefer to work in my special procedures and rhythm but in this case I enjoyed to have company and to be able to share this extraordinary morning experience. The city felt so different in the early hours of the day when only a few jogger were up on the streets and everything was so quiet that I suddenly heard noises I normally don`t pay attention to. The sunrise wasn`t spectacular: No burning sky, no colourful  cloud patterns. Nevertheless it was great to start a Sunday with such a productive and rewarding activity like taking photos.

After a while we left our spot, crossed the Story Bridge and cycled on the other side of the river to Kangaroo Point, one of the best locations for taking city skyline photos. We parked our bikes, took some pictures and climbed up the narrow, serpentine stairs to reach the top of the cliffs. It was already past 8:00am when we decided that it was time for some fun action. I set up my camera on the tripod and via remote control we took multiple photos of us in different positions on big stairs in a park nearby with the goal to create a trick shot consisting of many Chris’ and Teagans. The same thing we repeated on a playground – eager readers of my blog will recognize that it is the one I visited already at my last night shooting.

The photo on the stairs will be handed in belated with the next post. It is too time consuming to edit the footage right now at 3:00am. Thanks for your sympathy!

The photos  named “DSC+number” are taken  by Teagan with her Sony Alpha 57.  She was mainly trying out various functions of her rather new camera. Therefore the colours and exposure most of her pictures were messed up but in summary she did very well for a DSLR-camera noob and especially the shots with the camera built-in creative effects look awesome!

Hope you are able to sense the atmosphere of this unique, memorable morning and enjoy the photos as much as I do.

Good night!