Today was great but also exhausting. A day with lots of biking, landscape and animal photography action involved plus the surprise trip my housemates had organized for me. I absolutely appreciated that. The full story including the photos will be revealed in a few days.

For now I present you the Cookiepalooza photos. Cookie-whaaat? – Don`t worry, this word actuallz does not exist officially. It basically means: you pay $10 for a vegan charity event brought to you by the Eating for Animals crew a.k.a. Susan and Arly (who felt sick and therefore did not attend) and in exchange you are provided with over 350 cookies in more than 15 different tastes. The donation of $10 was fiducial collected by Susan for Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue Inc.  AUS $260 were funded in total! The location was again Orleigh Park in West End but this time we did not get the shaded BBQ area spot but it did not matter because some people had picnic blankets, camping chairs and a foldable plastic table. The big trees along the promenade offered sufficient sun protection.  Altogether I have to say it was “business as usual” – nice talks, relaxed atmosphere and hot weather (approx. 30°C  before a heavy thunderstorm ranted over Brisbane in the evening). I was mainly busy with my camera equipment, experimenting with filters, my macro lens and different white balance settings – less chatting, more “working”. 🙂 And that`s already the end of the story – short and sweet like the cookies we had. CU around in 1-2 days with photos of my first sunrise photoshooting ever!