You missed my posts? Good, because I am back to deliver tons of new stuff in the upcoming days! The picture gallery below the text features some impressions from our Earth Hour Party organized by my housemate Daniel and one of his friends, Samantha.  Leigh-Chantelle, another friend of Daniel’ s and founder of the Green Earth Group, a non-profit organisation with the goal to inform and support about eco-friendly products and events – like the Earth Hour, shared the event amongst the group members. Our house had never seen so many guest at the same time before, about 15-18. Many of them brought a vegan dish as a kind of potluck contribution. The idea behind Earth Hour is to switch off all electricity consuming devices for a certain hour on a certain day every year. Instead you may replace the artificial light by candle light (or have fun in complete darkness). Apart from our fridge/freezer and the stand-by support for our hifi sound system and TV we deactivated all energy sucking devices. We lit up candles on the veranda, in the bathroom, on the staircase and of course in the living room. The atmosphere felt comfy and the food delicious but I have to point out that the smell of Daniel’s split peas soup nearly killed me. For this particular time I had agreed to substitute this fetidness by stinky Biscuit farts. Our dog Biscuit is famous for changing a well vented house into an olfactory sewerage within seconds. Apart that awkward circumstance we enjoyed a pleasant evening. I annoyed some guests with my camera action especially because they had to hold still for a few seconds when I tried to take a shot in that extreme low light situation. However, I am sure they become appeased with the pictures. Corinne, the girl sitting on the staircase was a very patient model and willing to pose for several minutes. Thanks for that!

My last week in Australia started yesterday. There is still so much I like to accomplish before leaving. I met already some guys from the Roma Street Parklands potluck event again, booked my flight from Bangkok to Auckland and did a sunrise photoshooting with Teagan. My housemates announced a surprise excursion for tomorrow afternoon and I am so far only provided with the advice to take my camera with me. I have no idea where we will go. On Saturday I will get a true Aussie culture experience by watching an AFL (Australian Football League) game of the Brisbane Lions at “The Gabba”, a 42.000 seats cricket stadium. At any time before next Tuesday I like to go out for another 2-3 photoshootings depending on the weather. What does this add up to you? – Lots of photos and stories! I try to post at least every second day until Tuesday. Alternatively you get 2 posts on one day so check  if there is another new entry below the latest one you might miss otherwise.