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my blog has smashed the 10.000 views mark! YEAH! Thank you for being interested in my posts, photos and videos. Views doesn’t mean visitors so the number of people who watched my blog is much lower. 10.000 views is an amount which is easily outperformed by thousands of other pages in a single day! In spite of that I am happy with that number and to celebrate it I decided to go for something really different.

A 9/11 Special? More than 11,5 years after the event happened? WHY? Three days ago James asked me: Did you know that more than 1.500 accredited architects and engineers think the twin towers collapse was not caused by the airplanes which crashed into the buildings? I replied: “Yes, I don`t believe it, too.” I had heard a lot of theories in the past and knew that the official version is very suspicious even to someone with no diploma in architecture and zero knowledge of structural engineering. The next evening we watched the documentary which James had found coincidentally online when searching for the superb movie “In Bruges” which we watched the same evening. I had not been interested in the 9/11 catastrophe for years. After the documentary which I will link as well as other insightful Youtube videos at the end of this post I was astonished how overwhelming the evidence for a different course of action is compared to the official version and how impudent and amateurish the US government tried to make the world believe in a gigantic falsehood. I write this post to inspire you to watch the linked videos and do some research by your own.

Truth is an extremely precious good for me and I hate dishonesty even more if thousands of people are killed and the responsible persons/organisations in charge try to get away with a huge cover up. More over they blamed other people and used the events as a stalking horse to go to war. The official report of 9/11 is full of flaws, denies facts and testimonies of uncountable witnesses and ignores pictures and video footage which might prove the opposite. I have read and watched a lot about 9/11 in the last three days but I think it takes not longer than one or two hours to convince every person with common sense that the whole operation was precisely planned (although poorly executed). At this moment you may shake your head and guess: “He is fooled by these conspiracy guys who want to brainwash you to believe that aliens have already taken over the world and do some secret experiments with us when we sleep at night.” I guarantee you that I am not judging you quickly about a big thing like 9/11 but for me it looks like it was apparently an inside job. I will write down a random list of facts and questions which cross my mind. It will be just a fraction of things to point out but hopefully enough to make you curious. I am more than willing to discuss questions or counter arguments in the comments.

– What happened exactly to WTC 7, the third building which collapsed on 9/11  with FREE FALL SPEED like a perfect controlled demolition although it wasn`t even hit by an airplane? Such a collapse – according to officials caused by the small fires within the building is absolutely incredible. Normal fire and also fuel can`t melt steel and the falling speed is defying the laws of physics unless the structure was taken out in advance for examples by explosives. WTC 3,4,5 and 6 were hit much harder by twin tower parts and still had not such a complete structural failure as WTC 7 which was the only building containing offices of the FBI, CIA and some other intelligence service agencies. The lease holder Larry Silverstein (who had a 5 billion insurance for that building!) talks in an interview about a “pull”, a technical term for a controlled demolition. When WTC7 wasn`t rigged in advance how could a perfect demolition managed in  about seven hours which normally takes weeks of preparation?

– Building WTC 7 isn’t even mentioned in the official report. The official investigation had a budget of $600.000 (compared to $40.000.000 to find out that Clinton got a blowjob from Mrs. Lewinsky), ignoring hundreds of statements from witnesses, stating that no evidence of explosives were found although they did not even search for them, etc., etc..

– The twin towers could not fall the way they did just hit by an airplane. The speed, the symmetry, the continuous destruction down to the lowest floor, the way the steel structure collapsed… none of these points can’t be explained with the official version in a proper, scientific way. It is a fact, witnessed by hundreds and captured in many videos, that explosions occured in the basement and the lobby of the towers, long before the tower came down. The lift shafts were especially designed to avoid a chimney effect with seals and other protective systems. Most of the fuel blew up in the first seconds after the impact and can`t have such a devastating influence like weakening 47 structural columns throughout the complete building.

– The appearance of the smoke before and during the collapse was typical for chemical reactions of exteme heat like at vulcano eruptions. Airplane fuel can`t create such a heat and is not capable to melt steel. Molten steel beams were found in high numbers, even in the former lowest floors. In some videos liquid steel flowing out of the building is clearly visible. Traces of thermite which is used by military to weaken and destroy steel structures were found. The fire on ground zero was still burning eight weeks after 9/11 producing so much heat that shoes would melt when working in that area! . The concrete of the buildings was evaporized to dust instead of only breaking into bigger pieces. 

– The second airplane which hit the tower had a no labels or logos of a civil airline painted on its shell. Due to eye witnesses and experts it is more likely a military aircraft. . The burnt out Boeing engine presented by the officials does not belong to the type of airplane which officially is announced to have hit the towers. 

– How could four aircrafts be highjacked and fly around for hours without being stopped by military fighter interceptors especially when approaching a highly secured area like the Pentagon? How could a terrorist not even able to fly a Cessna properly manage difficult maneuvers like a tight 270° loop at 550mph and hit precisely a building only five floors high? Why isn’t there any footage of the airplane hitting the Pentagon which has hundreds of cameras. How could the airplane completely vanish inside the building not leaving any parts outside behind. Why does the facade not display any traces of damage where the wings of the airplane or one of the >4 tons engines collided with the reinforced walls of the Pentagon? Why was the lawn in front of the building not a big mess, a battle field of airplane parts? Why was the lawn renewed already a couple of days later instead of securing the area and trying to pick up the debris for reconstruction analysis? Isn`t it interesting that terabites of sensitive data are claimed to be deleted by the crash  which could explain what happened to some trillion dollars Donald Rumsfeld recorded missing on September 10th?

I stop here because I could go on and on which maybe deters people from reading this post to the end. The occurrences of 9/11 are like a puzzle which can be put together piece by piece to get the whole image. In times like these I am not surprised that it is de facto impossible to cover up every evidence of truth of a catastrophe like 9/11. In some years it will hopefully well known that 9/11 was one of the biggest crimes not planned by a bunch of muslim terrorists but the US government or at least the shadow government as well as by the CIA, FBI and the weapon lobby. In my opinion the true purpose was to distract from internal  problems in the country and to start a war which pushes the US economy. – I recommend to start with the very good “AE911Truth Experts Speak Out” documentary and then to go on with one of the other links.  If you like to get a compressed, non-scientific five minutes overview presented in a humorous provocative way, start with the second link.

AE911Truth Experts Speak Out                                                      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW6mJOqRDI4 

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVDig3Fu8WU

HOW DID WORLD TRADE CENTER 7 FALL?                                              http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8T2_nedORjw

2013 WTC Drone/Military Plane Attack Proof (MUST SEE) New Witnesses       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsmc_rS2jOo

(2012) Original – The Demolition of the WTC Towers – what was used?    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6eMq5Rit1w

9/11 – Truth: Hollywood speaks out                                                        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rw397VbRyM

Investigative greetings – Chris

PS: The Earth Hour Party photos from last Saturday are already edited but I have to ask some guys on the pictures for permission to publish them here. I respect their privacy and won’t upload footage without their knowledge.