Bicentennial Bikeway Nightshooting: Last post I wrote already a short introduction about the changes I had made compared to former nightshootings: Mainly the use of a circumpolar filter and a lens hood! The difference for me was not remarkable if visible at all! I still had some nasty lens flare effects here and there. I have researched for an upper-class DSLR camera since many weeks and watched uncountable videos and reviews with test pictures. I can tell you guys that it really sucks to know that there are cameras out there which have such a fantastic low level of noise, brilliant clarity and a high dynamic range while I have to cope with a model which is miles away from the results of the top products no matter which settings I use. My bridge camera is already one of the best in its class. – I should be more than happy. Nevertheless, the more I watch these high-end test pictures, the more I see what my own pictures are lacking in. – There is only one way to cover all these flaws up: downsampling! Actually it doesn`t increase the absolute quality but at 100% view it looks better because the picture is smaller.  That’ s what I did for my second try to apply at They had rejected all three of my pictures, two of them due to visible artifacts viewed at original size which was simply too big. I am excited to see if my new modified photos will pass the test.

Some details about the shooting: I started at 9:30pm and came back home at 0:50am. The “multiple me 2” shot with many Chris’s in it was taken around 0:10am to 0:30am on a completely empty playground (everything else after midnight had been suspicious anyways) at the Kangaroo Point cliffs. Every shot had an exposure time of 15 seconds, triggered by a radio remote control. I look overexposed in this photo and I shouldnt have taken 15 seconds shots but what is the alternative if it is night and you are yearning to try out a bit of trick shot photography? The rather new tower with the sophisticated architectural structure stands about 100 metres distant from the playground. The St. Mary Anglican Church is located less than 50 metres in the opposite direction. The strange illuminated ball is one of about 10, installed at the market place on Queens Street. Only 5 metres next to that piece of art were the café tables stacked up. Nearby that awesome old building going by the name “Treasury Casino and Hotel” dominates the scene. The pool with the very blueish water is a big public bath at South Bank. The illuminated trees can be found at South Bank, too. Finally, the long horizontal light strip in the first gallery shot is a train rushing over a maybe nameless bridge in front of the Go Between Bridge, which is free to use for pedestrians and bicyclists but charges cars because of its function as shortcut to the other side of the river.

Movie Blitz-Review of “OZ – the Great and Powerful”: Today I went to the South Bank cinemas to watch OZ – the great and powerful on my own (12 other people attended the movie starting at 12:50am, too, woohooo!). The movie was rather disappointing except from the soundtrack composed by Danny Elfman. For kids maybe it might be a good one but I had higher expectation for the 3D effects. The visual appearance was often over-saturated for my taste – too much eye candy!^^  I liked the little china doll (a doll made of china, not made IN China :-p ) character and the transition from a 4:3 format and sepia tones to the classical 1:2,35 ratio in bright colours after the first 10 minutes. The story is hideous though. I rate the movie 5,5 stars out of 10 possible. Graphics and music were an 8 so you can calculate that the story was pretty awful. 😉

Meet you maybe already tomorrow again with Earth Hour Party pictures!

Serene dreams – Chris