Today I like to introduce you to my housemates in detail. Of course I have already mentioned especially James and Daniel in many of my former posts but this time I try to characterize them from my point of view as well as Teagan who moved in about one month ago.

James (44): He is without a doubt the best organized person in our house. He cares about all the financial things, keeps track of everything and informes us when something needs to be done. He is extremely tidy, likes high quality tools and is an Apple-maniac. If you have trouble with your Iphone, Ipad or any other product of that fruity company, he’s the man to consult. He sacrificely looks after his 9-year-old dog Biscuit who has cancer and some tumors and needs therefore lots of medication and special treatment. Biscuit howls like a wolf if someone who is familiar to her enters the house or if she gets excited for example in anticipation of a carrot – her favourite snack. James swears by cleaning vinegar as panacea.  Religion is for him “believing in f*cking fairytales” for people who are not brave enough to face the truth, which lays in science and facts.

In many points James and me share some character traits but there are some major differences which often lead to discussions. Being the master of nitpicking I question his assumptions, calculations and don’t follow his advices before rechecking his “facts” online which sometimes appear not to be as rock solid as he tried to make me believe. We argue mainly about the food/nutrition, religion, music and how to do things efficiently / ecologically. He’s off the opinion that what I am eating and how I garnish my food is very weird. I think the same about his loveless prepared dishes which are uninspirational and furthermore always the same. 😀  Anyway, all these discussions are normally respectful and often spiced with humor and irony. Together we have furnished the house, recently cut branches from trees in front of our house and helped each other at innumerable occasions, so I would describe our relation as friendly rivalry. Although I dislike that he has no trouble to kill mosquitoes and cockroaches, in general we go along very well and appreciate each other’s talents and abilities. He is the guy I had the most chats with so far since I am in Australia.

Daniel (37): He is the complete opposite to James. He is rather messy, unorganized and even more forgetful than me, which is barely imaginable. Daniel is very generous, easy-going, helpful and a vegan junk-food lover. He is the only one of us with a regular job. He spends a lot of money on expensive, vegan delicacies and for his 3-4 year old child Ieva who stays 1-2 nights per week at our house. If there is something to buy or to construct, Daniel prefers to let James and me do the research if necessary, to cook the products he has bought and to work things out. Therefore he pays for stuff we normally would not afford or gives us a lift in his car. Like James he loves climbing. Additionally he is a passionated bicyclist, riding a good racing bike. His laugh sounds similar to a hyaena and his sense of humor is really refreshing. It is hard not to like him…as long as you don’t have to share the chaotic room/bathroom with him. 😉 Due to his work and spare time activities out of the house I see him around mostly in the evenings during the week.

Teagan (18): She may just have turned 18 three days ago but she behaves astonishingly mature for her age. She has started to study art, is very outgoing and eager to learn from us.  Only when it comes to general knowledge and cooking, it becomes obvious that she is rather young. She seriously asked if (closed) tins with vegetables had to be stored in the fridge and thought that 45 min at 160°C would be an appropriate setting for oven-baked French fries.^^  She was a vegetarian before she moved into our house but now she goes for the vegan lifestyle wholeheartedly. Teagan isn’t as messy as Daniel but her room, stuffed with thousands of things is surely no example of tidiness. From time to time her boyfriend or her best friend stay over night or friends come around to pick her up for shopping/party/whatever. She has a bias for clothes with lace and the colours white,black, red and pink. She is really polite and sociable. I enjoy chit-chatting with her as well as having a real good talk. I love to explain and teach her about architecture, artists, photography and cooking. Although it may appear a bit strange that a young girl decides to stay in a house with three guys which have in average two times her age, in reality it works pretty well and I am glad to have her on board.  Last Wednesday was Teagan’s 18th birthday. I had baked a cake early in the morning, created a birthday card, a star wars themed framed photo collage and printed out some photos of her/us I had taken with her new Sony SLT- A57 camera. I knew that she is a Star Wars fan, so I took one of my Brisbane nightshots as basis, photoshopped here and there and mixed some Star Wars characters and objects in. Later on James asked about princess Leia which was missing. Considering his question legit, I updated my little project which was fun but also more time consuming than it might look. The candle light photo session two weeks ago took place in our living room in the evening, the portrait shooting in Daniels room (the walls their offer the most neutral background in the house) in the afternoon. When I noticed that Teagan and me were wearing both black I had the idea of a “post-funeral” shooting, challenging the good low light abilities of her camera. It was a lot of fun and I like the warm skin colour tones caused by the candle light.

Fit for Asia: On April 9th, I will leave Brisbane and fly to Singapore, accompanied by Max, my former housemate who is living close by in Paddington, visiting us now and then for a boardgame, a chat or to pick up/ drop stuff. He managed to get the same flight as me but will do some couch surfing while I plan to stay at a stylish hostel. After three to five days I will travel further to Thailand and Max will go to India.

I have decided not to do more unpaid voluntary work in Brisbane right now but to enjoy my last months in a productive way. This will include as many photo sessions as possible, at least one at about 5 am at the Story Bridge to capture the sunrise. To feel prepared for Asia, I will apply for a two months visa for Thailand and hopefully learn a couple of hundred vocables. Being able to communicate on a basic level in the national language will definitely lead to a lot of advantages. I also want to investigate which massage schools offer courses which suit my needs and financial expectations.

Yesterday I started to workout again including some rope skipping in front of our garage. I have set up the challenge to do some sport nearly every day until I leave Brissie. Spending too much time on my netbook has caused some unnecessary backache and neck-ache by sitting in an atrocious posture. I know that I can overcome the pain with special exercises on my yoga mat but already on day two I was lazy enough to procrastinate the workout until deep in the night. Now I am writing this post and clearly won’t do sports anymore at 1 am. Tomorrow in the morning I will make up for it – promised! 😉 (edit: Yes, I did! Viva self-discipline!)

Good night, folks!