Plasma TV fail: It happened already about two weeks ago but I thought it was a funny story worth to be shared. Our Sony Plasma TV, kindly donated by Daniel’s parents,  had always issues regarding picture quality. We tried to fix this by waggling the cables or giving the TV a slap on its “head” or side (maybe this worked with old CRT-TVs but unfortunately not with modern models). However, successively it became much worse. The screen displayed the regular movie with an overlay of “war of the ants”, “Snowstorm X-treme” and some intense dust&dirt/grain filter effects I had only known from Photoshop before. Finally it just operated for about twenty minutes before it seemed to undergo a slowly process of dying. In a way it was a relief because from time to time I was annoyed listening to catchy intros of kids TV episodes like Peppa Pig, one of little Ievas (Daniel’s child) favourite shows. James, who had successfully fixed our washing machine grabbed from the curbside a couple of months ago, was off the opinion that we had nothing to lose so we started to dismount the TV and put it on the couch like a patient awaiting a surgery. I was concerned about the risk of an electric shock of the big capacitors on the motherboard and warned to touch them but nobody took me serious. I am glad not to be proven right in my assumption. None of us is a technician and finding the reason for the malfunction of our TV seemed to me like an assignment for building a moon rocket. Our first guess was a fan fail leading to an overheat. That could explain why the TV functioned properly for 15-20 minutes before it literally blacked out. This huge thing contained four fans and obviously none of them was working. James and Daniel tried to follow the cables and switched some pins but of course it was shooting in the dark. To gain at least something from this operation I took some photos to document our efforts. After we had reassembled the TV, the only thing still running was the on/off LED. Lol Miraculously it recovered the next day to its old behaviour: 20 minutes mediocre picture quality before sudden death. Daniel agreed to buy a new TV which will be slightly smaller but heaps advanced compared to our current model. In fact he even ordered two TVs – unintended! When he checked his credit card bill he must have been quite alarmed to notice that he was charged two times a couple of hundred dollars. 😀 Estimated delivery is March, 18th and I am not sure if I am excited about it or agitated since that means some noisy evenings in my room lie ahead. It is accoustically separated from the living room only by louvre doors which decrease the sound by astonishing 1-2 decibel, maybe less. 😦

The cartoon picture shown in the gallery was created by James with the help of one of his beloved Apple Ipad Apps.

Work Reference: Last week I visited the architecture office I worked at for three weeks to fetch my work reference. I enjoyed to see Will and his employees again and had some good chats. I could convince them to pose for a photo which you find attached to the gallery. The reference is – as hoped and expected – very positive (otherwise it makes no sense to add it to prospective applications). My favourite sentence is: “Chris also displays the hallmarks of German diligence, ingenuity and accuracy.” 🙂

I wish you a lovely sunny or rainy day…whatever you prefer!