This is probably the most ultimate recent blitz news I have ever written. My house mate Teagan got a call several minutes ago from a friend who is in the city reporting that a guy with a gun is walking around in the Myers  Shopping Centre and that a swat team has arrived, shops are shut down and people are evacuated. I found a live news site to follow what happens:

In America this may be all day life but for Brisbane this is very shocking. They are evacuating the whole Queen Street which is several hundred meters long as well as Adelaide Street (a big street parallel to Queen Street) and blocked the entry points. It feels a bit like a Hollywood movie with the scary difference that this is real. I just hear the horn of a police car and exactly know where they are heading to. – Hopefully nobody gets harmed and they get this psychopath alive. He had ripped of his shirt when he was confronted by 3 police man and showed a handgun.

I was about to write a regular blog post  about a damaged plasma TV and my work reference but it feels very inappropriate right now so maybe I will publish it this evening.

This is flash news reporter Chris Sperling, Brisbane, for  – stay tuned.

Update: The gunman was pinned down by the police and after two bangs – still unclear if they were shots or stun grenades – he was injured, ABC news says “covered in blood” and taken out of the scene by an ambulance. It seems the situation is safe again and people are allowed to leave the shops in which they were locked in.