At the moment I am not doing much but enjoying some relaxed days. Everyday it is raining which limits my options for outdoor activities. Running is one thing I want to perform more often but last time I stressed my Achilles heel a bit too much (in fact Brisbane’s hilly topography did!) and had to pause for a week. What I do a lot is photographing and picture editing. Today I taught our house mate Teagan some basics about portrait photography and she practiced by taking shots of me for my Thailand visa because the day of departure in April is coming closer.

In the afternoon Teagan and me continued with a fun candle light shooting. Her camera has much better low light abilities than mine so we used hers. In the last three weeks I had really focused on macro shots. All the gallery pictures are taken around our house or on Isaac Street. Thanks to all the patient bugs, insects and spiders – you did  a great job in modeling and posing! 🙂 Two weeks ago when it rained throughout the day I spotted big black ants nesting in the security fence of our back door area. I organized a little plastic stool, put James’  tripod on it and filmed for about 30 minutes. I compressed the highlights of the footage in a seven minutes clip and added some asian-like meditation music. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a like, to press the +1 button, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, also subscribe to all of my 87 channels and buy tons of merchandising articles in my upcoming fan shop!^^ Haha…seriously, I would hate it if I had to encourage you to act like this, so annoying! – I just want to let you know that your feedback is always appreciated. Good night, mates!