Here I am – back in my old jobless life. The last 3 weeks were rather tough due to the constantly increasing time and effort I put into the balcony extension / roofed alfresco area project. The last week I worked for about 62 hours and on Tuesday when the definite deadline should be 5pm (but were postponed to Wednesday) I started at 8:30am and left the office on the next morning. At 2am I was a bit alarmed if I  heard someone open the office door but it was only the daughter of my boss who wanted to copy something which probably was quite urgent. I enjoyed a 15-20 minutes chat with her before I continued with my drawings.  I left at 5:30am and cycled home on my bike which has a damaged gear change since my accident on Tuesday morning. I had cycled down the Go Between Bridge with fairly high-speed, when a car showed its intention to turn wrong into a one way street close behind the bridge. A guy on a racing bike in front of me braked and turned his bike nearly 90°.  I braked very hard, too, noticed that I had not enough space to stop in time, shouted to warn the bicyclist and tried to avoid smashing into his expensive vehicle. He moved a bit aside and I managed not to touch his bike but therefore I fell over the bar and stuffed my right wrist (again) when I tried to absorb the crash with my hands. Instead of offering help, the racing bike guy immediately started to bitch and beef me. I had a little shock, apologized and he moved on some seconds later. With one bloody hand and bruises on my hip I continued my way to work. What a lovely start into a day! Later I recognized that also my bike had received some “injuries”. Fortunately nothing which can not be fixed. After 21 hours at work, I got home at 6am, took a shower, snacked some food, had a rest for 90 minutes and went off to work again. My boss Will added some remarks on my drawings and Kobus, the guy who taught me the Revit CAD-software, fixed all the annotations with my support. After approximately 160 hours my project was finished and I knew I had done my best I was able to give. Will had told me already the day before that he had no new project and therefore no finances to offer me a job, so we had to stick to our agreement that I just receive a work report which hopefully will be very positive, verbally honoring my immense efforts I had taken for free. Now I really appreciate my status to have a lot of time on my hands to photoshop pictures, going out for a run, doing photo shootings, cooking without any time pressure… aaaah…what a relief to be duty-free, eeeh, I mean free of duties. :-p . On Wednesday my photo equipment from Germany arrived: three filters, a macro lens, a remote control, a second battery and a converter lens barrel. It felt like Christmas and I yearn to try these things out at daylight as soon as possible.

Our former housemate Ben had told us after five days that he wants to move out again. He had misunderstood what vegan means. He thought it is the same like vegetarian. He didn’t want to abandon dairy products so he tried to find another tenant as replacement. James put our ad online again on gumtree and we surprisingly had some quick responses. James arranged the inspections and told Daniel and me briefly about the applicants via email. Today Teagan moved in. She is a 17-year-old girl from Bundaberg and about to study art at a university close by. She seems to be very sociable and mature for her age. I am sure she will be a good addition for our house full of unique characters of  three different generations.

Attached you find some photos of my former place of architectural activity. As bonus pictures I will add two shots with my new macro lens : a bit of rice cracker  and  a salad leaf. In a couple of days you may expect more photos I already mentioned in my last post.

Good night!