While writing this post I am still sitting in the architecture office, struggling with Revit2012, the CAD software I am using for my first project since we imported the 3D model I had created with Arcon Eleco (a software only popular in Germany, designed for creating family homes) within two days. In the review it was a mistake to start learning a new programme when actually having a deadline (which was last Friday!) . I try to compensate my lack of experience and knowledge of this rather complex software by spending more hours at work but without help and support of Kobus (pronounced Quibus), a young dude, originally from South Africa, I would never be able to finish that job. The amount of things I still have to draw or to change makes me nearly go nuts.  In the studio next to the one I am in are some guys having a party with loud music which makes it difficult to focus. All that is of no interest for the city council. If the plans are not finished very soon it could happen that the case will be closed and the project will be rejected. This shouldn’t happen…so I have to do it somehow until tomorrow. Now you have heard enough of my meemeemee cant and we continue with the announced topics.

Eating for Animals II: Some of you surely remember my post about Eating for Animals, the vegan charity event. Last Sunday Arley and Susan were the hosts for a relaunch of this successful concept again . Due to massive rain and the flood the event was postponed by one week. Therefore we had perfect weather. This time the picnic was taking place at Orleigh Park in West End and everybody participated not only by donating $10 but also by bringing some food. Such a buffet consisting of dishes brought by the guests is called “potluck”. We had awesome cookies, salads, cakes, pies aaaand: sushi! Took me more than 3 hours and when I ran out of time I had to skip the garnishment 😦 (apart from some silly looking salad leaves). Anyway, at the end nothing was left and I got lots of compliments for it (for the sushi – not for the salad leaves 😀 ). Afterwards James, Biscuit (his dog) and me had a 20 minutes walk in direction to Kangaroo Point before Daniel picked us up with his car. At Kangaroo Point we attended a second event – The Spin Ninja Hoop Jam. People with hoops, culls, unicycles and other artistic equipment met at the cliffs (like the potluck picnic also located next to the Brisbane River) and showed their skills. Furthermore some people started standard and Latin-American dances to music from loudspeakers. The sun went down and the guys with fire accessories had their well observed entry. One girl performed with a blinking LED hoop. I didn’t have my tripod with me but I quickly took some hand-held shots and some long exposure shots from frog perspective with quite astonishing results. For my second light painting photography session I am more than contended (pictures will be uploaded when I come home) with the results.

I have tons of pictures to share with you from that enjoyable Sunday but it will take a while before I have selected and photoshopped them. Working 10-13 hours per day doesn’t help at all to shorten this process. – Yes….keep patient…there is nothing else you can do! 😉

Good night says a yawning Chris who just decided to shut down the computer and leave the office right now, otherwise he will be not able to continue with full concentration tomorrow morning.

edit: left office at 10:45pm and upload now  some pix for you at 11:30pm