I was in the office today from 8:20 am to 10:30 pm! My boss Will revealed that he needed some drawings already this evening to show the work in progress. If I had known that before I could have at least prepared myself with some more food. I came home short before 11:00 pm, cooked dinner and now at midnight I will provide you with the latest flood news before I will fall asleep instantly.

The Bicentennial Bikeway looked pretty bad at some places and were flooded by the Brisbane River so you could not pass anymore. The water level peak this noon was ten centimeters lower than expected and more than two meters below the mark reached at the big flood in 2011. In the CBD (Central Business District) shops had opened as usual and everybody was going to work. I think the worst phase of the flood is already over for Brisbane. Tomorrow noon will be another peak but the water will not rise much higher than today. In the gallery are pictures shown I took yesterday between 10:00 pm and 11:50 pm. The daylight pictures are shot at 8:10 am on my way to work. Seems we were lucky this time but Bundaberg and Gympie (a town I visited about 11 years ago) were hit much harder. Very sad, especially for families who had lost everything in 2011, started new, rebuilt their houses and have to experience a similar disaster again. 😦

Feel encouraged to appreciate your situation if you live at a safe place. Have a peaceful night, folks! – Chris