Maybe you heard it already in the news or saw it on television: cyclone Oscar was not only responsible for three days of heavy rain and wind gusts up to 100 km/h, now the water is running down the creeks and rivers, threatening to flood parts of Brisbane again after the disastrous floods in 2011. South Queensland is the most affected area at the moment but the rain and storm is heading further south to New South Wales. The government of Queensland has declared Brisbane a disaster area some hours ago. When I fetched my bike today from the architecture office (it had fallen aside and has gathered some more rust in the last two days) I noticed that I had forgotten to lock it. Instead I just had locked my helmet! Very smart, Christian 😉  On my way home I spotted many cracked trees, big puddles where drains had failed and the Brisbane river is filled with wood and other big organic stuff. If the water level rises about 50 cm more it is flooding my beloved Bicentennial Bikeway. James told me that down Heussler Terrace (a big road near our house)  properties are protected by sandbags and people are working hard to fill more of them since the peak of the flood is expected at midnight and tomorrow noon. I really want to continue to work on my architecture project I mentioned in my last post but later this night I will just pause or stop to take my bike and document what’ s going on in the streets close by and how the river looks like. I guess it won’t be as catastrophic as in 2011 but in some cities in Queensland like Bundaberg it is already the heaviest flooding ever and lots of evacuation was neccessary. Over 200.000 Australians were without electricity after the storm yesterday. I really hope it is not getting worse. I’ll keep you updated!