It is 1:24 am and raining since more than 50 hours without any interruption. While typing this I sit on my bed protected by the mosquito net  hanging down from the ceiling. – No long introduction, let`s get straight to the points.

Parcel from Germany: I did not expect that it takes four months before I get my hands on my first parcel from Germany. The duration of shipping was about three weeks and at the time I fetched the 5kg parcel at the post office I had already forgotten what I told my mother to put in it. Of course it is silly to send ordinary toothbrushes and bamboo mats for sushi preparation around the globe but the point is: there was still some weight left before the parcel had scratched the 5 kg limit and secondly, some of the parcel content was already MINE before I left Berlin so it feels very special to receive some of my old belongings – sweet memories of the past. I reckon I would have been happy about my toilet seat,too, which was transparent and had some fake fishes and real seashells in it. 🙂  The many Bokoma head massage tools were bought as presents for Liz, the women in Elanora at the Gold Coast where I spend the second to fourth week in Australia. The blue gymnastic band is for all kinds of work out exercises and the two somethings with the orange handle are kitchen tools for garnishing food. The video is self-explaining and hopefully not too boring for you. – At least my mother will love to see me unboxing the stuff she bought and packed on my behalf. For that purpose it is dedicated to her! 😉

[I am continuing this blog post on the 27.01.2012. It is already noon and still raining. The weather forecast predicts heavy impact of a cyclone this evening.]

AOK Ion Food Bath: Several days ago I spotted an advertisement for a special food bath in front of a massage parlour in the Toowong shopping centre about 4 km from our home. I read about the detoxicating effects and did some internet research. You put your feed in a bucket of water, a anode (or is it a cathode? – No idea!) looking like my netbook power supply will be added and connected to the main unit. Another anode/cathode will be attached around your wrist and the action starts by switching the electricity on. A special frequency is used to activate a self-detoxication process. Harmful substances stored in different organs will be cleaned, end up in the bucket and colour the water. The colour differs depending on the origin of the substances. For detailed information have a look at the description I photographed. The visual effect is stunning and proves that there is really a lot going on. It isn’t just dubious hocus-pocus. After 30 min a women rubbed my feet with salt and dried them with paper towels.  My body did not notice a difference but to simply know that my organs became detoxicated was worth the $35.

Night shots at Roma Street Parkland: The results are not as impressive as I hoped. The picture quality is not meeting my expectations but there are still a dozen pictures left I don’t mind to share with you including my very first attempts of light painting photography. I used the red and white LED lights of my bicycle and danced in front of the camera like an Aborigine or African shaman. I was alone in the park so I did not care what my performance looked like. Summed up this was more an experimental shooting to learn than a session to end up with awesome photos to show off.

Bed side table: P1060190BI assume this to be my last DYI project in Isaac Street using a saw. The table looks alright behind the mosquito net but if you inspect it in detail you will say that I did a sloppy job. The cross shape of the stand has by far no 90° angles and the corners of the top plate are not covered accurate by strips of wood I had originally bought for my desk. Maybe I should stop criticizing myself  too much because in terms of functionality it is perfect. Right size, right height and the costs were 25 Cents for nine small nails I used to fix the strips of wood at the top plate edges on three sides. Everything else was material left from other projects or old bookshelves and therefore free of charge.

Meditation class: After three months I have finally accomplished what I planned to do much earlier: attend  a meditation class! Last Tuesday from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm I listened together with 25 other persons to a nun, a humble women maybe in her thirties and meditated two times for a couple of minutes. The class was held in a large back room of a wellness shop in Paddington, selling natural beauty products as well as yoga equipment. Everything I heard at that evening was like a déjà vu of what I have learned about meditation and how our mind works ten years ago when I regularly attended a meditation class in Berlin. It refreshed some knowledge which was buried somewhere in my mind. I will definitely go there next week again!

Ukulele fun: P1060214By coincidence I found two ukuleles in the garage. Daniel has stored there many boxes with tons of stuff. I figured out how to tune this instrument with the help of a tuning your ukulele online website and wanted to play. I quickly had to accept that playing a ukelele is quite different to playing a guitar. My skills regarding guitar playing are at campfire jamming level. What’s the main difference of a ukelele compared with a guitar besides its size? It has only four instead of six strings and requires different finger positions for all the chords. Nothing I couldn’t handle, I thought. Less than one hour later I had figured out how to play a dozen chords and messed around with “Hotel Callifornia.” James as a singer and me as his one man orchester would probably form the infamous, much dreaded Isaac Street Band. 😉  Now this ukulele sweety lives in my room giving company to my keyboard which I saved from the kerbside last November.

Work: YES, I have work! At the moment unpaid but I will get a work report which I can use as a reference when I apply for jobs in a couple of months… .  It took me about ten calls before Will, the CEO of the company (and Liz’ brother), called me back last Wednesday. Ha, I love it if my persistence pays off! At first, he told me that he could not offer me a job and that the chances to get one in Brisbane are currently low due to the economic situation. I made clear that even a short-term engagement would suit me and that I am not expecting regular payment since my tourist visa only allows voluntary work. – On the next morning at 8:30 am I showed up at his office with my netbook, had a short 20-30 min briefing and tried unsuccessfully to install their CAD programme on my computer. Instead I use the software I worked with at my last employment in Berlin. It may not be perfect for the project but it will do the job which is to redraw a handwritten drawing. It is about a three storey house in Brisbane which shall be upgraded by a roofed Alfresco (actually a simple BBQ area on top of a garage) and a balcony and veranda extension. The blueprint is messy and barely readable but I am not afraid of challenges. To make sure I finish in time (deadline is next Friday, at the latest Monday in eight days) I will continue to work today on Sunday after this post is finished and tomorrow, too, when Australians have public holidays due to Australia Day. The distance from my home to work is only about three kilometres. Short enough to cycle there. Will was so kind to give me a lift home on Friday when it started to rain cats and dogs. Unfortunately my bike as well as my helmet are still at the office in West End, facing the relentless rain. I hope my bike will not rust that quick.

Having work will significantly change my all day life routine. It is hard to get up at 7:00 am if you are used to go to bed at 1:00 am or even later but changing habits shouldn’t be an unsolvable problem. Anyway, it is moving me a bit out of my comfort zone. Meeh! 😦

No preview for the next post – I just don’t know what will happen and which topics on my to-do-list will be realized. I am prepared to expect the unexpected and so should you if you have finished to click through the attached photo galleries!- Talking about unexpected things… undeliberately this post will be close with a random quotation I stumbled upon three minutes ago. It sounds absurd but it is convincing at the same time and made me smile.

“A brick makes an excellent window cleaner, if you throw it hard enough. Before you know it, your window will look so clean you’d think it had been replaced with a new one. ” ― Jarod Kintz, A brick and a blanket walk into a bar