Last Sunday the Isaac Street gang consisting of James, Daniel and me hung out with their bros in Cleveland, a suburb at the sea about 25 km south-east of the Brisbane’s city centre and had some crazy rap battles at the beach promenade, checking out the hottest girls of Queensland. Okay, okay,…we just visited Daniel’s parents in order to investigate some leaking air mattresses in their pool – yeah, I know, not cool but it was fun anyway. The lovely furnished and decorated brick house has a lot of beautiful wooden shutters, three porches and a small, well maintained garden. Daniel’s parents were really friendly and supplied us with food and drinks. I hoped to have some time to photograph the beach and Raby Bay, a labyrinth-like residential area with dozen of canals to provide every house with access to the ocean but during a short drive the Old Cleveland lighthouse and the ferry terminal were all I got to see through the car window because we ran a bit late.

On our way back we stopped at Bunnings to return the wrong coloured paint Daniel had bought some days ago for our available room to rent. If you remember well on the gallery photos you will recognize  some furniture we used earlier for the big en-suite room. I did some quick roundabout calculations in the hardware store and estimated that I could build a 180 cm long TV rack made of solid pine wood for less than $ 100. James agreed and now that rack to be is my new DIY project (DIY = Do it yourself) which started yesterday in our open garage, hopefully to be finished today if all of a sudden I don’t pass out due to 37° Celsius air temperature. Home improvement never ends: When I hung a shirt on my IKEA clothes rack last night the dowels pins in that bloody 6 mm plaster board wall failed to work and everything was going to fall off if I had not interfered and hold it in place until James had switched on the light so I could take the rack off decently. Have to buy now some special dowel pins which probably cost more than the whole rack and mount that thing again. 😦

In my next post this week you may expect some macro shots of dishes I cooked passionately in our kitchen as well as pictures of some animals living in and around our house. Whenever I see one of these tiny creatures, I hurry up to get my camera ready because they usually are shy and never stay for long at one place excerpt the patient spiders. I will definitely buy a macro lens for my camera (together with an adapter tube, a second battery, a set of an UV, polarizing and ND 8 filter and a remote control release) – some basic must-have-equipment even for a non-professional photographer like me. To keep costs low I will order online at German shops, let the goods deliver to my parent’s flat and request my mother to send me the precious parcel.