What happened after Christmas? – Pretty much the same like all the weeks before…we continued to renovate and furnish our house, to buy more stuff and to change plans over and over again! Originally we wanted to rent our pretty room with en suite bathroom. But unfortunately there is not much feedback yet and time is running out. James came to the conclusion that his less than 6 m² room was too small for him and his dog Biscuit.  He will move to Daniel’s room upstairs which has a ceiling fan and about 10-12 m² plus walk-in wardrobe. Daniel who sleeps only 3-4 nights per week in our house will take the en suite room and we try to rent it short-term for the nights he is not at home.  This way James and Daniel can get back some of the money they have spent to make the room look cosy. Yesterday we bought a light yellowish paint colour for James’ former room in a hardware store, moved all his furniture and belongings out, he fixed the holes and cracks in the wall and today we continued with true teamwork: I flattened all the bumps on the wall by using sand paper. Then he vacuum cleaned and covered the floor with newspaper. Together we mask taped the window, the door frame and I put the first layer of paint on the wall. Tomorrow I will finish with the second layer. Some of the furniture will be moved back, I take some photos and James inserts then in an online advertisement. Currently I am sitting at my new desk which I assembled the day before yesterday, struggling to keep my eyes open because it is 1 am . The desk construction is rather durable and will probably hold more than 100 kg before it breaks but it took me four hours until midnight before I mounted it at my wall. I reckon the wall will collapse first before my desk is breaking. I am proud to tell you that this desk cost less than 20 dollars. I got the material from the IKEA discount area plus some screws and brackets. The boards were supposed to be some shelves of a bedroom wardrobe but in my imagination the were great for a cheap desk?The aluminium pieces you see below the desk are profiles to connect two boards but as an architect I immediately knew that these parts would be more useful as a double-T reinforcement beam. Additionally I doubled the board width from 18 mm to 36 mm. otherwise the desk would bend after a while and feel flimsy when I put heavy stuff on it. Maybe not but the point is: I could easily sit on it without being scared. What about the night shots I announced to post soon? They are in the making and nearly ready. I will definitely post them still in 2012… which means…- grmpfx….TODAY! In the gallery you find some small animals which crossed my way in the last weeks. The gorgeous cricket was about 7-8 cm long and strolled on the railing of our back door stairs. The spider was hanging around right next to them, the crow and ant encounter happened at New Farm Park and the gecko was spotted on our kitchen window last night when I had an after midnight snack. Have to rest now for a few hours to be fresh enough to release the last post of 2012 including a short reviews with some hard facts of what I have achieved with this blog since October. Meet you later soon, mates!

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