What a busy day! In the morning I edited some more night photos and did my laundry. When I continued to paint the small room at noon, it turned out that the paint was not enough for two layers on all four walls. Daniel brought a new paint bucket with him in the afternoon but – bad luck – for unknown reasons it didn’t contain the same colour, not even close! I cycled to a hardware store in Paddington and bought another bucket of paint. $ 56 for two litres…what a rip-off! At 8 pm I had finished. Now it looks heaps better than before. Tomorrow we rearrange the furniture and maybe a women James is in contact with since some weeks will show up during the day and have a look at it.

I neglected my sport this week which makes me angry about myself. As an act of self-discipline I will do a last workout in 2012 before James and me cycle to South Bank, location of the biggest fireworks in Brisbane.

And here they are: Sperling Down Under proudly presents his latest night shots taken at Christmas Eve. Feel free to comment on them and don’t hesitate to criticize. Only with some honest feedback I can improve.