Thank you so much for following my blog and encouraging me to go on! Your feedback makes it worth to put an incredible amount of time and effort in it.

Here are the hard facts about my blog which exists since about 11 weeks.

53 published posts (this one included)

4978 views from 12 different countries

Germany 4,309
Australia 529
Greece 105
United States 33
United Kingdom 27
Ireland 7
Colombia 4
Italy 3
United Arab Emirates 1
Republic of Korea 1
Indonesia 1
Pakistan 1

More than 1 GB uploaded data   –   (569 pictures and 4 videos, 3 of them done by myself)

Also in 2013 I will provide you with more exciting stories and of course lots more photos and videos. I am happy to receive requests for blog topics and will see what I can do.

Take care –