Where ever you are and no matter if you know me personally or just stumbled on this blog by coincidence: I wish you some peaceful days with lovely presents and / or some quality time with your family or people you like to have around you. If nothing of that can’t be realized – no worries…as long as you feel comfortable under your skin and you maintain a positive attitude. – Christmas is what you make out of it….- I guess, I stole and modified this quotation from anywhere. 😀

For me this year’s Christmas was a premiere in many ways: First time outside of Germany, first time I did not have my family around, first time more than 30°C on Christmas Eve, first time not a single physical present. I baked my infamous apple cake in the afternoon and decided in the evening that it was time for another night shooting. I started at 8:30 pm and and spent 5 hours outside to frequent all the spots I had planned to visit. The results are published here soon. On Boxing Day (25th of December) James and me went to South Bank and picnicked like thousands of other people around us. Many of them wore Santa Clause hats and seemed to enjoy it although it must have been freaking hot under them. It was difficult to find a shaded place to sit down. The pool was even more crowded and proper swimming impossible. I reckon the water consisted of 90% chlorine and 10% other chemicals. No wonder they try to disinfect it so massively – 1 person per 100 liter water, most of the people keep their clothes on to protect against the sun or for cultural reasons, nobody takes a shower before entering the pool, the water temperature was about 28 °C, perfect for nasty bacteria to multiply…and 88 more reasons I am too lazy to write down right now. In the evening I checked my phone book and did some surprise Christmas calls to Germany via Skype. Today was not much going on. I stayed in bed until 10:30 am and after a nice breakfast I renewed the silicone seal around the kitchen counter. In the afternoon I took the ferry to New Farm and had a walk along the Brisbane River with Emma, a vegan Facebook friend and her little dog. To finish this rather relaxed day James and me will watch the movie “The rise of the planet of the apes” on our rather new big plasma screen provided by Daniel’s parents.

Hope I will be productive the upcoming days and assemble my desk and order prints of some photos as room decoration. I want to have organized all that before 2012 ends.

If know you guys like pictures. Here is a sneak preview of my upcoming night shooting gallery. I bought a trick photography book online including over 9 hours of tutorial videos. This will be a boost for creative pictures once I have learned to use some basic techniques.

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