This is a flash news post to keep you updated, no sensational stuff.  – I created my CV and sent it to an architecture company in West End! Yeah,…so glad I did it before Christmas. James reviewed my draft critical and it took me some more hours before most of his complaints had been removed or exchanged for a better solution. Between Christmas and New Year I am sure nobody will have a look at an application so I will wait until January to share my CV with some more companies.

The last days I loved to play around with the zoom function of my camera. It “sees” definitely more than me with my own eyes without additional tools. The more you zoom, the more you have to take care that you take hold the camera still because the slightest shivering or shaking completely ruins your photo.P1040644B P1040652B I walked to Paddington at night, put the camera on a little tripod  on an empty street and set up a challenge.  I chose a car about 300 metres away and tried to take a picture of the license tag. If I could read the letters and the numbers I would call it a win, if not, a fail. The darkness and the light of the street lamps made it hard but I succeeded and won! (For privacy reasons I blurred parts of the license tag on the published photo). To know that with the right adjustments I can literally read a newspaper in 100 meters distance makes me feel like a paparazzi. 😀 Yesterday I began project “Green”. I put a double layer of thin (and super cheap) fabric at the wall, mounted hooks, a construction for clothes hangers and rearranged furniture and clothes in my built-in shelves. The blinds of my window are broken since a while and I hope that the owner approves to pay us back if we afford wooden ones. My room is the only one with plastic blinds which are flimsy and not durable. Once I have printed some of my photos and assembled my self-made desk, I will show you a couple of before-after photos of the room.P1040297 I was sure that the very thick but inconsistent walls of my flat in Berlin were the worst ever but now I have to admit that the walls of my new room are a bad joke. Living in an expanded shoe box would be better than the ongoing status. Some of the plaster boards are only 6 millimetres thick and poorly stabilized. I can push it backwards by only using my thumb. On the photo you can see the sun light shining through the wall. No wonder the sound insulation is nearly the same as in a camping tent. The noise of the last days and especially in the morning is getting on my nerves . Lots of cars rush through Isaac Street , the “uuuiiit, uuuuit”- bird, an aspirant for the “Most annoying Australian bird 2012”  “sings” for hours at every time of the day and our neighbours revamp excessively their house with the help of chain saws , compressed air hammers, hedge trimmers and circular saws starting at 7am. Besides the fact that closing the windows won’t help to fix the sound problem we have to keep windows open for constant air circulation. The temperature was more than 30° Celsius for days and also at night there was no big decrease. Officially it was only 25° C at 9 pm but the weather forecast said it should feel like 29° C. I had a run in the evening and although I was in good shape I had to shorten my programme – too flipping hot. When I came home I was nearly as wet as after the rainstorm several weeks ago.

I have still no plans what to do on the 24th/25th of December. James asked me to picnic with him at South Bank. Maybe at Christmas my family will sit around a Christmas fir, watching snowflakes behind misty window glasses whilst I am relaxing under a palm, cooling my feet in a swimming pool and fight with cookie chocolate melting in my hands. Never thought that might happen when 2012 started but some of you also expected the end of the world today and then – very surprisingly –  it turned out the other way 😉 . Not too bad if some things remain unpredictable, isn’t it?