It was hard to select the best shots out of more than 150, to decide which ones are worth to be photoshopped and which ones will remain unseen on my hard disk. After many hours of editing it was very rewarding for me to watch the final product in a slide show.

I created a map on the basis of a Google Maps screen shot for you to keep track where I cycled and stopped to take the pictures. I uploaded the photos in a chronologic order. The possum photos, the green alley photo and the “Caution” shot were taken on my way back home (two of the green dots southern of the city centre. I started the photo session on Friday, 14th of December at 8:30 pm and finished at 11:30 pm.

You are welcome to use these photos for private, non-commercial purposes (this applies for all photos on this blog) but I request you to insert a link to my blog and to inform me by email if you like to publish them somewhere!

Of course I have some favorites but I would love to compare my opinion with yours. Therefore I will be thankful if you click the “Like” button below the photos which you consider to be the best.