Currently there are a lot of things going on but nothing is really finished so far which bothers me a bit. Since a couple of days we have a new bigger fridge (made in 1999!) but the seal is broken at the top. When one opens the freezer door you can look inside from above. The gap is about 2 cm wide and 6 mm in depth. The fridge was delivered and we did not see the damage immediately. James has already informed the seller but it is not sure if and when this gap will be fixed.

Two days ago I went on a journey to IKEA in Logan.The service within Brisbane is already not close to the standard I was used to in Berlin but if you like to leave the city  you should calculate some minutes extra to the travel time estimated on . Missing a connecting bus/train means 30-60 minutes time of waiting. To reduce potential risks for a delay I cycled to South Bank by bike and started my journey there. Both, the way to IKEA as well as the return to Brisbane went much better than expected. Luckily I had taken my big backpack with me in spite of the higher weight and the heat outside. As always I bought much more at IKEA than planned. Only by usage of my advanced architecture skills I could solve the space problem and store everything in my backpack so efficiently that I was still able to carry it although some parts had an excessed length. My room will get a green touch soon and I am mentally shivering in pleasant anticipation but so far all my purchases are not assembled yet… .

Earlier I posted about my Curriculum Vitae which I want to create – this is another duty on my schedule I better should do today than tomorrow… No matter how precise I try to design my day…it always ends up that I am too tired in the evening and resolve to do it the next day. I bet you all know what I am talking about! At least I am disciplined and have restarted my running training on a regular basis two weeks ago. I am careful not to carry my efforts to an excess to avoid injuries. Running and biking in that hilly area causes a lot of muscle ache even if you slow down. It is impractical to cycle more than 15 minutes through Brisbane without sweating. Maybe in some weeks my fitness level will have increased enough to make this impossible task possible. At the moment I am worried about my right wrist. It is painful to perform circular movements with it, to cut crusty German bread and to hold things tight. Reason for that annoying disability which keeps me away from the climbing hall is probably my exorbitant dedication to move furniture. Turning, pushing, pulling desks, shelves, boxes, heavy coaches,fridges, washing machines and bulky queen size mattresses – strongman Sperling did it all! Under normal conditions it hadn’t been a problem but my wrist was already handicapped due to an accident last summer when I fell down an escalator backwards accompanied by my bike and more than 30 kg luggage. I hoped that everything healed perfectly at that time…obviously it did not happen. I know that a doctor would x-ray my wrist now, examine it with ultrasonic and say: “Mr. Sperling,…- Mr Sperling” he would say “we have a problem here!” Three months later and 2.000 dollars less on my bank account plus 37 hours of waiting in some doctor’s surgeries maybe three of five specialists would agree on a therapy how to fix my fibers and ligaments. – Just forget it! I trust in my power of self-healing, try not to put too much stress on it and hope on a quick recovery. It still will embarrass people with clicking and snapping sounds when I move it to particular positions…but so does my shoulder, my ankles and my neck… . That’s the more or less inevitable decay of an ageing human body. 😉

But not everything in this post is depressing. – I was busy last night in order to delight my readers with the most professional night shots  I have ever done. I cycled on the Bicentennial Bikeway along the Brisbane River and stopped a dozen times to capture some stunning sceneries. I experimented with the shutter time, aperture, white balance and lots more.I am very happy with the results and sure you will not be disappointed.  By mischance my expectations rise faster than I am capable to develop my skills as photographer and I had to recognize that my bridge camera reaches its limits before my pretenses concerning picture quality are satisfied. I am yearning for higher resolution, less noise, more noise reduction, sharpness and higher colour fidelity at high ISO values. I spent hours to study the  “Owners manual for advanced features” (200 pages thick), read reviews and articles in forums about photography in general and watched videos on Youtube to find out every little detail about my camera to push it to its maximum. I fear that in the long run none of these actions will gratify the perfectionist in me.  I have already presorted some semi-professional DSLR cameras and put them on my wish list for 2013 / 2014. I also considered to afford a newer version of Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. The Photoshop version I use is version 7.0 and more than 10 years old!  In the last months I had so much fun with my Lumix FZ150 that photography became a hobby which I would like to take to the next level. Architecture plus photography is simply an excellent combination.

I will need a some days to select and edit the gems of my photo shooting before they are released on my blog but I will feed you with one shot in advance as teaser… :-)(click to enlarge)

View on City Citre from Bicentennial Bikeway