Like yesterday I will only post some photos instead of making up a long story. The shots of the Go Between Bridge were done on December 1st.  It is a toll bridge, which opened to traffic early on 5th of December 2010. I cycled home from the South Bank cinema where I had watched the new James Bond movie “Skyfall”. I stopped at the Bicentennial Bikeway (an elevated promenade along the Brisbane river exclusively to pedestrians, runners and bicycle riders) and started to set up my camera. On the next evening I wanted to take some pictures of the bats in the tree on the other side of our street but it was too dark and the flash not strong enough to lighten up the whole scenery. I turned around and noticed that our house lit up would be a pretty motive instead. I walked up the street for about 40 to 50 metres to crossroads Isaac Street / Hall Street and continued my session. A slight breeze moved the clouds and the moonlight shone through – romantic and spooky at the same time – perfect for photographers.