At last I have made it to the library after one week since I moved to my new house in Isaac Street. I have ridden here by my new bicycle which I bought yesterday. I could have made the distance easily in less than 10 minutes but at crossroads I was confronted with traffic lights which were programed even worse than at Moggill Road in Indooroopilly (see my blog post “Traffic Lights” published on November 4th,2012). Well done, Brisbane council, stealing nearly nine minutes of my life time!!!

I sat close to the upper right window defying the coolness of the powerful air con.

While it has 30° Celsius outside I got goosebumps inside the library thanks to the air con. I have changed now my place to a red rolling lounge close to the continuously moving escalator but after 20 minutes sitting here, the library is going to close and I have to move out. WiFi should also work in the vicinity of the building 24/7. I had to leave the library foyer…gosh, they really make it hard for me dropping some lines on my blog. I have changed places again, this time I sit on a bench at the bus stop right in front of the library exit. I don’t mind and will write for you until my netbook battery status runs low.

My view from my bus stop bench to the left when I started posting about 6:00pm.

Time to recapitulate and give you a summary of the last week in some bits: After staying already in Australia for five weeks, I definitely needed a haircut. Although many people assert that I don’t have a hairstyle, I insist I do have, so hair care matters to me! I had no idea where to go but I knew it had to be done soon otherwise my vanity would torture me every time I had a look in a mirror or see myself as a reflection while passing a showcase window.

View to my left at 6:30pm

One morning I chatted with a girl cleaning the hostel kitchen much more thoroughly than a normal guest would do (in case they cleaned their dishes at all!). Her name was Lucille, a 21 year old backpacker from Paris who had checked in two days ago because she got a job as cleaner in exchange for free accommodation and she had a second job at a shop close by…. as HAIRDRESSER – her original profession.

Lucille, my personal french hairdresser

I used this coincidence and we made an arrangement some hours later. She put a simple chair outside at the entrance of the hostel, draped a plastic bag around my neck for protecting my clothes and my naked upper body from the cut hair and started to cut. People walking by could witness the strange ongoing and I felt exposed. Lucille finished in less than 15 minutes and I was satisfied with the result and the fact that I had not even to leave the hostel for the service I was looking for.

Urban Climb hall in West End

The next day in the afternoon, James invited me to go climbing at “Urban climb” in West End. I am experienced in bouldering but have never climbed with a harness before. The local staff showed to two other guys and me how to deal with the ropes and carabiners properly and demonstrated a 5-step-sequence we had to remember when securing a partner climbing up a wall. James and I were not in good shape that day. My feed hurt from walking for hours in unsuitable shoes and I was tired. In less than one hour we both were totally exhausted (However, the muscle ache the next days caused by that short intermezzo was remarkable).

View to my left at 7:15pm

I decided to take the ferry home to my hostel, starting in South Bank, James took the bus going back to Balmoral. I had to wait for the City Cat and used the time for another set of night shots – my new passion in photography. The shaky pictures in the gallery are snapshots taken from the moving ferry.

It is 8:20 pm now and although my netbook would support me for another two hours I made up my mind that I will post later about my first horrible night in Isaac Street, the 4-day van cruising ordeal for picking up furniture, my quick bike buy and the refurbishment of the master bedroom en suite which we lease for short term in lack of a 4th tenant.

Enjoy your day!