Okay…misleading title, just to attract more attention…but hey: it worked – you are still here and continue reading to figure out what this post is about. In fact I just mixed up the key words for 3 different topics:

1) Cold Wash – Australians aren’t famous for being ecological. They often own fridges which need more power than a small African town, need at least the amount water of a spa to wash their car and will only separate their waste if they have to find something which was thrown in the bin by accidental slip. But as soon as they are convinced that they can save money – they quickly turn into exemplary eco-activists, don’t use their expensive air conditioner or dishwasher, buy solar panels and wash their clothes with cold water. Indeed where ever I stayed so far, nobody used a temperature of 30° or 40° Celsius. On the other hand the hot kitchen water out of the tap is heated up to 60° C and has to be mixed with cooler water to be usable and TVs are switched on the whole day even if nobody is watching. This contradictory ambivalence is probably just the start of the society to reconsider their all day behaviour and will change in the next 10 years.

2) Christmas Of course, why shouldn’t Aussies celebrate Christmas, too? In December it is summer in Oz and the temperature in Brisbane is about 25° to 30° Celsius, so why the heck do they have to imitate all the European winter decoration trash? To see Santa Claus in a thick winter coat with a sleigh, fake snow all over the place, huge stand-up displays of reindeers on sun burned greens can’t be the idea of a mentally sane brain. It is another epic fail to bring true Christmas anticipation to me. Also songs like the inevitable „Last Christmas“, played in big supermarkets since more than two weeks, don’t do the trick regarding atmosphere. Liz got a Christmas card on November 12th from her neighbour. Eeh….hmmmm…?!? I understand, it is a bloody far way from one house to the other. You better make sure the card is delivered in time…especially if you throw it in the mailbox by yourself!  All the Christmas cakes at bakeries, Christmas tree ball ornaments and exclusive special offers feel so much like authentic Australian tradition……. NOT! Because this country lacks in classic fir trees, they should use eucalyptus trees or something which belongs here … Aaargh *}§!&@grftx! – I give up. What ever they will try… I doubt it will be convincing to me.

3) Approved27 Isaac Street in Milton, Brisbane, got approved by the owner!!! Friday early afternoon it is time to move in. I am so looking forward to have my own room. It might be only for 2-5 months but to have a place to call „Home“ means a lot to me. Eventually I can instruct my mother to send my parcel there which I had pre-packed before I left Berlin. A new bed, a new mattress and some decoration will help me to accept my room as more than a temporary accommodation. The search for the fourth tenant is still going on and scary if people answer on James’ Gumtree ad like this: “Hi, I wouldn’t class myself as a vegan but I don’t eat meat but I eat eggs and chicken. What does that class me as? Lol“ – I say that classifies the applicant as clueless deluxe! She may be a loveable person but has no idea what vegetarism / veganism is about!

Preview: Traveled today to South Bank – a highly modified esplanade at the Brisbane river, cramped with pools, palms, bars, artificial beach, restaurants and entertainment activities. This site looks like an all-inclusive holiday arrangement of a very large, 5 star hotel. Unexpectantly I loved it by sight and will struggle which of the many pictures I have taken will make it to my blog post.

Have a lovely day, folks! A special thank you to all my unknown readers of this blog! I am astonished that people who have no personal reference to me think my blog is interesting enough to follow me and  mark posts with a “Like”. I have no idea how you guys have found me here. I don’t use tags, key words or other special “tricks” to increase web traffic for my blog. That said, I still appreciate if you recommend this site to your friends! – It helps to keep up motivation to write blog posts regularly.