James had invited me to a free movie watching at the Brisbane Square Library. The Superior Human, a mediocre documentary of about 72 minutes was shown in a little auditorium in front of about 12 people. Originally I thought I was going to watch a regular movie event in one of Brisbane’s movie theatres. I didn’t mind that it was such a small private screening but although the topic was quite interesting, the presentation of the facts were a bit boring and James and me nearly slept in.

Much more interesting and delicious was the time before the screening. We had met at a brand new vegan coffee shop called Vege Rama. Bad luck that it was closed at the weekends. Fortunately there is a second vegetarian/vegan Vege Rama in a big shopping mall close by. The variety of vegan food and the taste of the dishes were simply the best I have had so far in Australia. The balls are called Köfte and the avocado Thai salad, served together with brown rice was spiced with a sweet mustard dressing. Awesome! I had totally deserved such a great dish because I had suffered so much to get there.

When I had left the hostel it already drizzled and some lightning had cut through the sky. Once I noticed the rain on my skin I changed to slow jog speed. The distance to the ferry terminal was about 950 m. After about 2 minutes the weather changed within 20 seconds. Strong squalls from ahead whipped hard rain drops on my face. My clothes were drenched, including my underpants. I ran almost as fast as I could, more and more scared of the thunder bolts strikes close by. The sky had darkened as if it was night. I arrived at the ferry terminal out of breath and immediately checked if my camera was affected by the moistness. Blessedly only the lens had fogged up. I thanked myself that I was careful enough to take a second shirt with me at the bottom of my backpack. It was almost dry but I did not dare to change clothes before I had reached a fully covered building since the powerful cross winds carried thousands of rain drops to every spot of the ferry terminal. The weather caper was so intense that the ferry service had stopped for a while. Later on the Brisbane River was still bumpy and the City Cat needed 4 to 5 tries before the embarking process was successfully completed. My short video (of course in HD-quality) might give you more insight in how it was like.