With the help of a google map screenshot on my camera I guided Patricia to James’ place. The darkness, the tiny camera screen and several one-way roads made this journey look like maze. It took ages to fill in the application for the house in Milton. When we left with my trolley about one and a half hour later the struggle to find the right way back repeated. I have to admit I was a bloody incompetent assistant driver so it took about 20 min for 2 km. 🙂 Anyway, I shot the photo I posted yesterday, we had a nice chat and spend the next day together, exploring Brisbane City. I got up early at about 7am but after I had finished breakfast and helped Patricia to write a CV (curriculum vitae) as a favour for her chauffeur service the day before it was already about 11am. I asked Patricia and Fabian as well to join me to have breakfast at a nice café in West End but Fabian preferred to look for jobs online. We figured out how to get there by bus, had yummy brunch and started to walk down Boundary St.. I encouraged Patricia to go into coffee and fashion shops to ask if they were in need of workers. She didn`t have printed copies of her resume with her but within one hour we spotted about a half-dozen shops which were interested  to see her CV (curriculum vitae) which she spread the next day. We did some fun sightseeing downtown, teasing each other extensively and took the ferry called City Cat back to Hawthorne (suburb of our hostel) after sunset. The City Cat is a extremely fast catamaran. The acceleration after disembarking from Riverside ferry terminal was feeling like a start in an airplane. The maximum speed is officially 25 knots, about 46 km/h but I am really sure we were cruising with about 70 km/h, at least it felt incredible swiftly. It is the most reliable and comfortable way to travel in Brisbane and more over often quicker than to go by bus. Very enjoyable day!