Next noon I met Daniel for the first time in person. He picked me up with his car at the hostel. Together with James and Daniel’s 4 or 5 year old daughter we fetched the key for our designated new home and drove to Isaac Street in Milton to have an inspection. The house needs some careful treatment and new paint here and there, the plants have to be cut back… but I am satisfied with the room I will probably call my “home” soon. Not only it has built in shelves but also a double door opening to the front veranda. It is much cooler than the big rooms up on the second level which have windows facing south. There is still no final confirmation but according to James the house will be ours by 99,9%. The plan is to hire a van for 3 days to pick up second-hand furniture from garage sales and transport all kinds off stuff you need for an empty house. I was not in the mood for further traveling in between and have extended my hostel accommodation until next Friday – the day Daniel, James, me and another person or couple (we are still searching) would like to move into the house when we leave our old dwellings. Although I am sure to have a good time meanwhile I am counting down the days because a niffy 6 bunk bed dorm and a happy bacteria kitchen to share with 15 other people is just not my thing for a longer period.

Apart from my snap shots below, James uploaded a photo stream of 27 Isaac Street: