What can be as cute as a Lorikeet in a towel but much more fluffy? (by the way: Peter, the rescued Lorikeet is fine. He had no broken wing and will be released back to nature by the bird carer together with other birds. Why Peter couldn`t fly although having no injuries – due to disclosures on the phone – remains a secret)  Right – a KOALA slowly climbing along a branch and munching yummy eucalyptus leaves!!!

When Liz picked me up at the local shopping centre “The Pines”, she told me that in the backyard of her school was a koala sitting on a tree. The forrested areas in Elanora seems to be a good habitat for them because everywhere on the hilly streets are traffic signs indicating that you should pay attention to koala / wild life animals crossing. However, it is unusual that koalas come so close to populated areas which only offer some single eucalyptus trees whose leaves are their only food source. I had forgotten my camera so we went home, ate a snack and returned. The koala – suspected to be a female – was still there. A neighbor explained that a male (which are considerably bigger) should be nearby, too, because they heard them having a “hanky-panky” at night.

I have to point out that I love the flexibility of my camera. With the HD function and a super zoom lens I was able to record a usable video inspite of difficult light conditions. Some minutes later I took some beautiful sunset shots also in the school backyard.

Free wordpress blogs don`t support video upload from hard discs, only embedding from other video platforms. To share not only photos with you I used my youtube channel for the first time ever and uploaded the footage there.