It is already late at night again and my English becomes poorer with every hour after midnight.

Today I was busy with proof reading, kitchen work and baking an apple pie for the birthday party in Brisbane tomorrow.

My visit at the Elanora State School yesterday was really interesting. Attended one video cut lesson and one photography lesson. I wished we had had such subjects at my time in school. Some of the pupils are really, really talented. A guy called Peter Best, about 16 years old works already as a photographer on weddings on weekends and has done some amazing HDR-shots. Had the chance to play 1 hour on a grand piano and loved it. Later that day I opened an Australian bank account to be more flexible with payments and transactions.

If somebody will invent “instant sleep powder” which enables immediate sleep and shortens the regeneration time you need as a human….I will be the first to buy it! :-p

The internet connection is once again a pain in the ass. Will upload my accommodation pictures and some stunning photos from that kid later…sorry about that.

Catch ya later, mates!