Tonight my internet connection via iPhone is more reliable. I use this opportunity to publish a second post next to the one with the Brisbane City Centre photos right below this post. The reports about architecture standard comparison and some other topics are not forgotten but have to wait for another day.

DAY 10 

Liz and I went to a shopping centre in Elanora… 180.00 $ for food, most things in organic quality plus 9.70 $ for maple nut kernel oil which I bought in a health food shop. Wanted to go for pumpkin kernel seed oil but seriously: 25.95 $ for 250ml was far over the top!

Liz is an amazing person. She was not even a vegetarian some days ago but in her fridge and storage shelfs are stored different types of organic tofu, organic quinoa flakes, organic rice milk, himalaya salt, carob, dozen other extraordinary products, the same blender I had in Berlin,… . That was a pretty impressive collection even for a well equipped vegan but guess: this women isn’t big in cooking! She has all these products but no clue how to prepare them! For me her kitchen is – apart from unadaequate hygiene conditions which will have to change – heaven. It seems like she had waited for me to demonstrate how to metamorphose the ingredients into delicious meals.

In the late afternoon she gave me again a ride to the beach (4-5km away) and read a book during my 60min run along the coastline. (for my friends interested in running: 30min slow jog, 10 min middle speed, 10 min high speed about 3:40-3:45min/km, 10min cool down, Pulse after high speed: 180, after 1min regeneration: 132) This run was awesome and much better than to expect after only 1 run within the last 14 days. My new shoes fit perfect. Thanks to my former trainer Renate who sold them to me some days before I left Berlin.

DAY 11

Yesterday was pretty efficient. Did a quick review of the first 65 pages of Liz’ book regarding the format (double space bar flaws, wrong capital letters, line break in different sizes). Mr. Nitpicky found some dozen things to mark in red. Actually my job will be the translation into German but I was in mood of proofreading, so I went for it!

Project Bathroom

The day before yesterday I told Liz blunt and honest in a humorous way that her bathroom would not satisfy Sperling hygiene standards. I offered and insisted on a universal cleaning session. Yesterday I swept out an uncountable amount of mobile things hanging and laying around everywhere. Liz used this opportunity to throw away 2 big baskets full of cosmetics and utensils, much of them had already expired by date since several years.

She’s a gorgeous women with a great personality and after 4 days we have already established a deep friendship, inspiring and helping each other in so many ways, laughing a lot. But she is quite messy and chaotic, paired with the Australian easy going attitude. I am glad she is very open minded, too, so I can take a lot of influence on her and her house. I enjoy that as well as her hospitality and trust in me. Liz appreciates my initiative and is thankful being taught some cooking tricks, her book translated, provided with nutrition facts and information about the pervert methods of animal mass production industry like shredding hatched male chicken in huge macerators and feeding them back to the egg laying hens. Male chicken are of no use (for breeding they need a different highly genetical specialized race) and will be therefore shredded (they gased them in the past but it takes up to 2 min before the chicken die and it is less economical so shredding was announced to be more humane!!!). This happens in EVERY commercial egg production factory, even on organic free range farms! In far less than 2% (at least in Germany) will the animals be treated the way most of us think they should. All the eggs in supermarkt and in products like cakes, snacks, fast food, prepared meals for the freezer and so on have their origin in farms which sort out the male chicken like described. 50.000.000 are killed this way in Germany per year, 240.000.000 per year in the USA and nearly nobody knows about it! Dare to have a look at Wikipedia, Google or elsewhere for more details.

Anyway…back to topic- I stated an example of „Deutsche Gründlichkeit“ (German thoroughness) in Liz’ bathroom by cleaning every corner, every shelf from all sides, rubbed and scratched for minutes on single tiles, renewed the silicon around the basin table and the bath… About 5 hours later it was done and my efforts literally caused the WOW-effect when Liz came home in the evening from having dinner with one of her daughters who lives in Alice Springs some thousand kilometers distant from the Gold Coast but had surprisingly shown up the day before. In the upcoming days I will fill some screw holes in the walls, we will repaint the doors and the shelves in white (the right one you see on the photos stood in „my“ room before but fitted in so much better than the crappy plastic shelf before) and the walls in a dune yellow. It is already a pretty bathroom which suddenly looks so much bigger than a day ago. Liz left a message in the kitchen this morning and thanked me again for her „new“ bathroom. It reminded me on those home improvement television series in which families are moving out ofbtheir flat or house for a while and come back later stepping into a complete new arrangement.

Today I will give the toilet room a decent treatment and I am already looking forward to Project Kitchen  including a massive reduction of cramped stuff there. When I will leave this house in some weeks it won`t be the same anymore. 😀


Gallery features some before and after photos. One day later I spent an additional hour for cleaning the lower part of the shower sliding doors even more. Life is hard as hobby perfectionist!