Review of the 7th day in Brisbane before I travelled to the Gold Coast on day 8

The City Centre of Brisbane was a positive surprise. Enough old victorian style buildings for me to feel comfortable, a well-arranged pedestrian zone with a big market (at a booth with a bavarian flag I spotted whole rye sesame bread, an original German one with a real tough crust, not the soft toast-like crap which the Australians eat. No question: INSTANT BUY!!!), a lot of green, relaxed atmosphere, many buskers, mainly playing the guitar. Crossed this area on my way to the suburb New Farm where I had an appointment for an inspection. The accommodation was an epic fail although the serbian-croation owner Tom was very eloquent and friendly. Why this house isn’t closed yet by the Australian health care authorities is a true mystery. On Tom”s scale he said he would rate his hostel a 6 to 7. On my scale it was a minus 3. As a survival challenge I would have checked in but luckily I had an offer to stay at the Gold Coast instead. Will probably come back to Brisbane sooner or later and see if I can find a place close to the City Centre.