Woke up at 6:15am, played a bit on a 12 string guitar, went back to bed, slept until 10:40am (which is a nice thing if you go to bed at 2am), tried to deinstall a defect ceiling fan, ending up with a bruise turning into a blood bubble on my left thumb (wasn’t careful with a pair of tongs), read the first pages of a book Liz wrote and which shall be published in the near future (my job could be to translate it into German), watched Liz and one of her daughters being creative on two big paintings in progress, an electrician showed up to inspect the air conditioners which shall be installed soon, learned what an Aussie means when he talks about a “dog’s breakfast”(a complete mess) ,met her son, a shift worker who regularly lives on the ground floor of the house, tried unsuccessfully to activate the wireless internet access Liz had applied for yesterday, had some quality chat and a tasty bowl of salad. Nothing too exciting at all but very good to settle in this house. Will stay probably for 3 weeks here, maybe longer, maybe not. For those of you who want to know where I live now, watch out for Elanora at the Gold Coast, close to the border to NSW (New South Wales).  Have a nice day , over and out.