As often in life some things take not only more time than you think but MUCH more time. I clearly underestimated the amount of stuff I still had left although lots of my household would be taken over by my next tenants.

On Friday, the 12th of October I started to be alarmed that my time schedule could be calculated too tight. I spent the whole night sleepless mainly taking hundreds of pictures from important documents and transfered data from my desktop PC to my netbook. At morning of Saturday 13th my father, my sister`s husband and a friend of my running group arrived to carry my stuff to the rented car and only a little part was ready for transport. The 4 hours of car rent had been gone and it still looked like a mess in my flat, so we continued, this time packing things in my father`s car, then driving to Lagerbox, a self-storage center at Karl-Marx-Straße in Berlin-Neukölln, just 1,5 km away from home.

In the afternoon my father agreed upon travelling from Leipzig to Berlin again on the upcoming day to take the remaining things out of the flat. I deconstructed my electric height adjustable desk base until 1am before I fell asleep after nearly 50 hours of activity. It continued how the day before had ended. Everything took longer, my father lost his patience in between and was getting on my nerves by accusing me of improper time management as if this would help in any way. We nearly finished storing at 7pm. A backpack with clothes and a handful other stuff was planned to be brought to my 3m² cell on Monday. On this day the Slovakian couple put already their belongings  in my flat while I was busy discovering more and more things I had not spotted before. My biggest concern was to find the PIN number for my VISA card. Although I had carefully photographed hundreds of documents I obviously had forgotten this very crucial one. The bank would have send a new PIN to my given residential address but it would have arrived too late and moreover at my parent´s address in Leipzig, not at mine because I already had changed it to make sure no mail is delivered to Niemetzstraße in Berlin after my departure.

My next tenants including one of their dads were so kind to give me a ride to the self-storage center where we unpacked half of the cell before I got hands on the box with the document folders. At this occasion I digged deeper and found my second drilling machine which I donated to my next tenants who wanted to implement some shelves and a bar for attaching clothes to in the chamber which originally was designed as meditation room. Afterwards I brought a boardgame – sold quite pricy on ebay – to the post office and hoped that now everything had been done since my level of exhaustion was at it’s limit.

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