Having had so much trouble the days before, everything went relatively well. My mother arrived in the morning, my sister with my little niece and her husband showed up in the afternoon. At 2 pm two guys from the property management put the current status of the flat equipment on a list, the reading of the electricity meter and the inspection of the cellar took place, my next tenants and I subscribed the documents and the offical commissioning of my flat was done. Later on I stored for a last time bunch of stuff (there are always corners you haven`t espied before) in my 3m² cell, sent the router and splitter which had made available internet access up to my last day back to my provider and off we went by car to the airport.

In preparation for the check-in I had weighted my luggage many times, adding and reducing clothes, games, books, electrical devices, exchanging them with other things from my hand luggage in order to fulfill the  maximum weight conditions (23 kg for luggage, 6kg hand luggage plus laptop). My efforts payed off: 22,5kg luggage, 5,7kg hand luggage. YES! As a bonus I could choose a window seat or one at the aisle. For strange reasons I had changed to aisle seats online earlier but at least for the first part of my journey from Berlin to Abu Dhabi I was given the choice again. After some photo shooting in the entrance hall of Tegel Airport my sister`s family said goodbye and only me an my mother remained waiting for the gate to open for boarding.

There is not much more to write – I entered the aircraft with a good feeling,  happy to have overcome the exertion of the last days in which I had the slight angst something could go terribly wrong so I would be forced to stay in Berlin. The flight schedule was exactly in time and at 9:50pm the A330 of Air Berlin on behalf of Ethihad Airways took off the ground.