To get a better impression what it meant for me to travel to Australia, leaving almost everything behind, I will expose some facts of my former life. – I had a kind of 9 to 5 job as self-employed civil engineer of architecture…or as some people would put it simplified: as an architect. The payment I received allowed me to spend a comfortable life since I didn`t own a car, was not partying, smoking, alcohol drinking and had no expensive hobbies.

– I lived in a very cosy flat for rent which I had transformed at my option within a period of 10 years . The area  (Berlin-Neukölln) was rather tough and my neighbours getting on my nerves on and off.

– Living as a vegan I appreciated the variety Berlin offered, the increasing numbers of vegan restaurants and shops year by year. I exactly knew which products I could buy where at what price.

– Concerning sport activities I was part of a running group with a trainer who coached me since more than 20 years! My new hobby bouldering which I started in 2011 could be perfectly executed in a former factory building nowadays called Ostbloc.

All these amenities couldn`t prevent me from starting something completely different and as far as I know myself I won`t regret it.

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(Slideshow features my flat, some of my favourite restaurants and shops, the boulder hall Ostbloc and my regular training location Dominicussportplatz)